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Welcome to Airport Components

Welcome to AirportComponents.com, where you can find a wide variety of brands and industrial components, both electric and electronic, as well as pneumatic, hydraulic and fuel transfer. In our catalog, the components for the maintenance of refueling units and dispensers, as well as final hose valves, in-line regulating valves, recovery tanks, elements for fuel quality control, etc. stand out.

Airporcomponents.com is the virtual store of the company Vimasol e Hijos, S.L.. founded in 1990 and with extensive experience in automation and engineering applied especially in the field of onboard and fluid transfer. VIMASOL has the representation of several prestigious brands in the field of on board, as well as the AEROFUEL brand where you can find a wide range of mechanical components and electronic systems created for the sector of the on board, such as our patented ECO-START-STOP system for dispenser vehicles and refueling units, winders, non-return valves, and more. ...

At Airporcomponents.com you can also purchase hoses, supply pumps, fuel meters for your own consumption, nozzles, junctions and everything you need for your gas station or gas center and fuel tank, for this VIMASOL has the official distribution of the prestigious brand PIUSI.